CHIPZKID is now moving onto Episode 2 Season 2..  (2.2)

Because for Episode1 all we need to do is simply upload..

Date for episode 2 shall be revealed in description box
of tomorrows big RETURN!…



Main Scene

The main scene of tomorrows returning episode  for Season2 Episode1

Was filmed exactly 24 hours ago and I can now reveal that it was very

successful but slight problem with voice.. only minor..   It was viewed

by random members of the public for expectations and all is good and ready..

Only the minor scene left to do, nothing can go wrong when the major scene

is successful …         So I’m (CHIPZKID) am going to film that minor scene,

WISH ME LUCK GUYz!!!!!!                      (  25 hourz and 29 mins remaining..

..till the RETURN!!